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Cute and simple, palm-size cat dolls that originated in Naruko, a Japanese town popularly known as the hometown of Kokeshi dolls. The dolls are artfully created by the Kokeshi craftsmen who pour their heart into the making of these dolls. Thanks to the traditional art that goes into their making and a contemporary touch, they serve as both a beautiful art piece with a traditional touch and a cute and fashionable wooden showpiece for those who have a modern taste for room and desk decoration. All in all, this is a perfect gift that can make your friends, family and loved ones feel special.


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The red chrysanthemum flower is the common feature of the Naruko Kokeshi dolls, and the shape, pattern and arrangement of the flower on each Kokeshi are decided by the craftsmen, who apply their creativity along with the acquired skills into making each piece a unique one, much like a “family crest”. The KOKESHI – our new artwork – is the modern form of the traditional Kokeshi pattern handed down by my grandmother to my mother along with the paintbrush she used to paint them with. To express our respect and in loving memory of my grandmother, we have named the doll as “SHIGE” after my grandmother’s name. Our cute yet traditional KOKESHI is waiting to spruce up a corner of your house.


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The “TSURUKAME” design pattern has a special significance in Japan, and my grandmother would use it for making Kokeshi gifts for special persons. She lived in the snowy mountains of Naruko during a tough period of war, when she painted the Kokeshi dolls for a living. She continued to support her family of four children by painting the dolls. I have occasionally seen her use the “TSURUKAME” design in her entire lifespan of 97 years. Tsuru (crane) and Kame (turtle) are considered auspicious in Japan as they symbolize longevity. This special pattern denotes my grandmother’s wish that the receiver of this doll be blessed with a long and healthy life, and hence makes this doll a perfect gift for one’s treasured moments like marriage and child birth. What better gift than this to express your gratitude towards your parents and grandparents?


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Each one of these wooden KOKESHI has been carefully hand-carved by the skilled Kokeshi craftsmen of Naruko. The charm of Kokeshi dolls lies in their smooth texture and faint fragrance as much as their beautiful wood grain, and a stout, pretty silhouette, all of which are attributable solely to the solid wood they are made from. Besides, you have a choice of using these unpainted dolls as is for a sober look or exhibiting your painting skills in making them more vibrant with full freedom. So get your painting material ready and churn out ideas to make your own, unique one.

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