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Any photo you like, any size you want
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Any photo you like, any size you want, anywhere you live. To your usual place, in your favorite frame. All pieces on this website are for sale as a physical print and digital download.


  MillimetersPainting | Margin CentimetersPainting | Margin InchesPainting | Margin
A1 594 × 841 mm474 × 721 mm | 120 mm 59.4 × 84.1 cm47.4 × 72.1 cm | 12 cm 23.4 × 33.1 in18.7 × 28.4 in | 4.7 in
A2 420 × 594 mm330 × 504 mm | 90 mm 42 × 59.4 cm33 × 50.4 cm | 9 cm 16.5 × 23.4 in13 × 19.8 in | 3.5 in
A3 297 × 420 mm227 × 350 mm | 70 mm 29.7 × 42 cm22.7 × 35 cm | 7 cm 11.7 × 16.5 in8.9 × 13.8 in | 2.8 in
Square 500 × 500 mm400 × 400 mm | 100 mm 50 × 50 cm40 × 40 cm | 10 cm 19.6 × 19.6 in15.7 × 15.7 in | 3.9 in

Picture frames are not included.

A white margin around the photo that included in the size indicated, so the photo itself is reduced in size to make room for the margins.

E-mail orders and orders via SNS direct messages are also available.

Please contact us for any custom sizes you would like and different formats than what you see here.




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Each piece is printed carefully one by one using the most advanced printing machines1 with high quality and whiteness semi gloss paper2, made in Japan, which suppresses the reflection of light and brings out the subdued colors that fit any style room. Finally, I carefully check the finished piece with my own eyes and senses. It is ready to put it in your favorite frame and hang it, lean it against a wall, or place it on an easel.

1Wide format inkjet printer "Roland DG SOLJET"

2Japanese fine art print paper (180gsm/0.21mm)


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Instantly printable at home or office, at your local print shop or through any online printing services. Each downloaded file1 has one to several JPEGs2 that all orientations are included3. Get your original and exclusive printouts with the size and paper of your choice at any time as much as you like. Of course, edit and modify as you like4, too.

1ZIP archive file

2High-resolution JPEG files (equal to about 300 ppi/dpi)

3The number of files depends on each photo; square, either or both landscape and portrait orientation, etc

4DO NOT repost and share and any immoral or ungodly use

Despite my best efforts, the preview photo may vary slightly in color depending on your viewing environment.

Some photos may look deliberately or accidentally blurred or out of focus, but they are not defective. I hope you enjoy them as artistic “depth” added to photographic expressions.



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Deliver to anywhere in the world. The packaging is simple and robust, with no unnecessary embellishments. It will protect the photos from shaking and impact.

Delivery time is approximately 4-8 weeks after payment by Japan Post.

According to Japan Post, due to the impact of COVID-19, they are currently taking measures to temporarily reduce the shipment of packages to the United States and some countries, causing a delay of several months or more. I will manage your order information responsibly until delivery is completed. Please place your order with confidence.